Backup & Disaster Recovery ( BCP&DR)

Disaster Recovery

Having a disaster recovery (DR) or business continuity plan (BCP) in place for your IT network is not a decision we believe should be taken lightly nor is there a quick and easy solution for everybody. Together with our sister company,  tec support we believe in getting to know your business and defining your specific requirements so that we can devise a tailor made solution just for you. There a number of key factors we would urge our customers to consider before moving forward:

  • What elements of your network could encounter some form of downtime?
  • Is your main business applications/CRM in the cloud or located on the server?
  • If you are not in the cloud – would you like to consider this cost effective option?
  • In the event of an outage – what are your priorities? Access to business applications? Online Access?
  • What is your Recovery Point Objective? (RPO) – How old is your most recent full backup of data.
  • What is your Recovery Time Objective? (RTO) – How long is it until your servers and your users are back running?

We work with many clients on multi- platform solutions depending on their specific criteria and the demands of their individual business and the effect any downtime may have on it. Our disaster recovery solutions ensure your data is secure and downtime is at a minimum for your business!

Online Backup

Online Backup is a method whereby your data backup is stored in an offsite data centre and the backup takes place via a synchronization of your data to this data centre every 24 hours.

  • Its automatic- It takes the manual process out of backup.
  • It offers scalability – If your data backup demands grow,you can just chose to upgrade the account.
  • It’s secure- All your data is fully encrypted before it is uploaded to the cloud and can only be accessed by you should you need to retrieve it.

Onsite Backup

When it comes to software for virtualised backup there are many solutions available. At tec support we recommend a virtual backup software to back up your server to the NAS box (Network Attached Storage).

This ensures that you have regular and multiple copies of all your data along with full server images that can be rolled out in a matter of minutes onto another server in case of a server disaster.


The tec support team are at the forefront of data and cyber security. Click the button below for our recommendations around your back up policy.

Contact our sales team so we can help you get your plan in place today!

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