Board Secure

Board Secure is part of the ice cube Business Solutions portfolio, developed by ice cube in response to increasing customer needs and the demands of business today. Other solutions in the suite include Microsoft Dynamics 365 and a dedicated training facility.

Help your board collaborate more securely

Board Secure is the real time document sharing hub which we can deliver bespoke for your business to work alongside your existing software application.

Many of our Credit Union customers all over Ireland are currently enjoying the benefits of CU247 Board Secure – which we developed to complement our leading Credit Union software application CU247.

Using Board Secure provides security and stability for your Board, enabling them work smarter and faster. It allows Board members communicate more effectively allowing exclusive access to all Board material in one safe place regardless of the time or location.

Why choose ice cube?

  • 40 years’ experience in providing bespoke software solutions for customers all over Ireland in multiple sectors.
  • ISO 27001 certified which underpins our commitment to and recognition of the importance of security in today’s business environment.
  • Microsoft Gold Certified and therefore have access to all the exclusive benefits this offers.
  • Our highly skilled tutors will provide training for your team to ensure they are equipped with everything they need to get the most out Board Secure.
  • We offer a round-the-clock support facility to all our customers should they need someone on hand to talk them through a process or help out in a                 moment of difficulty.

For your personal Board Secure demo call Donal on 091-429000 or email

Key Features


  • Access control – The customer chooses the level of access preferred for all users and documentation allowing greater security and control.


  • Encryption – all devices  and documentation in Board Secure come with encryption as standard.


  • Storage – The provision of online data storage ensures all documents are protected regardless of threats, providing an inbuilt BCP & DR facility.


  • Audit Trail – An automatic monitoring and analysis of all activities delivers a fully transparent audit trail.


  • Bespoke security features – allow us work within our customers briefs. For instance, our solution or our Credit Union customers guarantees compliance with Data Protection regulation .

Discussion Forum

  • Interactive discussions between meetings via our discussion forum.

Document Management

  • All important documents are stored in one secure location.


  • Version control ensures full transparency in the lifecycle of all documents.


  • The audit trail allows all editors and users of the document be recorded throughout the lifecycle of the document.

Calendar Based

  • The functionality of the tool can be built around a calendar for easy retrieval of documentation.


  • Calendar may be pre-set for regular and irregular meetings.


  • Enabling ease of referral to previous meetings and content therein.


  • Tasks and actions can be uploaded as a checklist/ todo list before and after meetings.

Sharing Facilities

  • Targeted and strategic document sharing.


  • Live production of new documents or reports.


  • Live, real-time, multi-party engagement with “work in progress” documents.


  • Facility to view and respond in real time.


  • Accessible anytime anywhere for easier, more flexible collaboration.

Photo Gallery

  • This can be used as a reservoir of images for use by all collaborators.


  • This will also serve as an information point for all business-related images documenting events etc.

Other Benefits



Introducing Board Secure to your meetings will:

• Enhance the accuracy in recording information.

• Improve advance planning and preparation for all meetings.

• Guarantee all Directors have access to relevant information ahead of, during and after meetings.

• Lessen the risk of data loss or confidentiality issues.

• Expedite new recruit induction period.

• Improve governance and encourage best practice.


Cost Effective

• Reduce additional admin and stationery costs.
• Secure storage of all material reducing costs and potential risks.

To see how Board Secure can save you time and money, call Donal on 091-429000 or email

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