In the modern business environment where most devices have an online capability, we can provide a safe, secure network environment to do business in.

Together with tec support we specialise in all aspect of computer network infrastructure ranging from wired, wireless, mobile device management, BYOD & remote access secure connections.

We work with industry leading vendors to provide effective solutions to suit your business needs.

Here are some of our networking partners:

cisco merkari

Talk to us today to see how we can tailor solutions to meet your needs.

Secure Wi-Fi

We can also enable you to provide secure Wi-Fi to your customers both inside your business and within your community, via outdoor access points. This solution boasts many features and allows you to:

  • Provide separate, secure Wi-Fi networks to your staff and customers or members.
  • Have complete visibility and control of your network via the accompanying cloud managed dashboard, which can generate automatic daily reports.
  • Advertise a message across your customer / member’s devices.
  • Use social media login to boost your online presence and following.
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