This year’s CUMA Autumn Conference was just as busy as previous years and it was great to catch up with our friends from Credit Unions all over Ireland again. Undoubtedly the thing we enjoyed the most this year was the IT Security and GDPR focus of the conference. Many of our customers will already know … Read more

The team are just back from the CUMA Autumn Conference 2017 and had lots of fun celebrating 30 years working with Credit Unions’s with all of the friends we have made over the last 3 decades! We were delighted to see our own priorities for the coming years reflected in the agenda for the conference … Read more

                        Hard to believe it is September again and we are getting ready to make the journey to the CUMA Autumn conference. This year we celebrate being in the Credit Union business for 30 years –so the team at ice cube are well seasoned … Read more

We now live in a Subscription Economy. It was announced recently that Microsoft earnings from their Office365 online subscription-based-offerings had surpassed their more traditional “Box Copy”.  Microsoft’s gamble would seem to have paid off and begs the question – is the subscription economy here to stay? So, what is the Subscription Economy?  And what does … Read more

Board Meeting - paper

  What is the purpose behind having a meeting? To get updates? To assess/re-assess an event? To share information? It can be one, some or all these things. What is important is that all invitees to a meeting are aware of the meeting and what to expect. Also beware the pitfall of what I like … Read more

Passwords  Passwords  Passwords   Your IT Security With Ransomware hitting the headlines again – we are going to take this blogpost right back to the simplest changes we can all make to help improve our personal and professional security: Passwords. Passwords literally affect everyone – from children on snapchat and other online games and apps … Read more

It has been a busy time for people working in the tech industry all over the world with the recent outbreak of “WannaCryptor” ransomware attacks reported globally. Our team have spent the last 12 months taking steps to prepare us and our customers for such an event and are happy to report no incidents. However, given … Read more

ISO (International Organisation for Standardisation) is the world’s largest developer and publisher of international standards. The ISO 27001:2013 standard is a globally recognised Information Security Management System (ISMS), which helps us manage information security risks, including those related to confidentiality, integrity and availability of data. It provides us at Intuity with independent third party verification … Read more

  ice cube Opening Hours over Christmas Season : Dec. 23rd: Office hours as normal Dec. 24th – Jan 2nd inclusive, Office closed (Call out of hours number if required; 0862513519) Jan. 3rd: Office hours as normal

  ice cube congratulates Antrim Credit Union as they become the FIRST Credit Union in Northern Ireland to Go LIVE on CUSOP! ice cube, are proud to congratulate our customers at Antrim Credit Union as they become the first Credit Union in the North of Ireland to GO LIVE on CUSOP! From today, November 22nd … Read more